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3:2 4:3 16:9 2:1 3:2 1.618:1 2.35:1 3:4 4:5 9:16 1:2 5:3

Ratio Calculator: Master the Little Secrets of Proportion Calculation Easily

Have you ever been troubled by solving proportion problems? Now, with our ratio calculator, everything becomes simple! This little tool is not only suitable for students and teachers but also for anyone who wants to quickly solve proportion problems.

What are proportions?

proportions might sound a bit abstract, but it's everywhere. Whether it's mixing ingredients while cooking or comparing prices while shopping, proportions are at work. Simply put, a proportion is a mathematical method that tells us that two rates are equal.

How to Use the Ratio Calculator?

Using the ratio calculator is as simple as counting. Enter the three values you know and one unknown variable (such as x), click the mouse, and the answer comes out!

Handy Tips for Solving Proportions Manually

Although there is a ratio calculator, understanding how to solve proportions manually is also very useful. Here's a little example:

  1. Write down the proportion: for example, 9/16 = 1080/X.
  2. Cross-multiplication: 9X = 16 × 1080.
  3. Find the value of X: X = 17280 ÷ 9 = 1920.

Ratio Calculator is your little math assistant, making complex proportion problems a breeze. Moreover, understanding the calculation of proportions can make you more flexible in life. For more learning and life tips, welcome to visit our website. Our proportion calculator is always ready to help you, making math no longer difficult!